It's Simple...Help Everyone you Can!

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I am not an innovator or master salesman.  Not by a long shot.  There are many people in this world that can teach you far more about sales then I can.  This may come as a shock, but making myself money is not my biggest priority when it comes to dealing with customers, business partners, contacts or anyone else.  I am rather content making the people around me money, saving them money or just helping them out.  The number one goal each day is to be an asset to all those who I come in contact with. 

Often I am asked why I started my business.  "You opened your business to make money, right?"  Well, yeah making money is great, but I opened my business because I know I can offer a superior product and truly help people.  Businesses do not operate in a parallel universe, we are apart of society.  Birthed from the human condition.  We develop products and solutions to solve problems.

When dealing with people as an organization I draw a parallel to holding a door for a person carrying something heavy.  Most companies will hold the door open, and be thanked.  But did they ask if they could help carry the load?  A person carrying a heavy load is less likely to ask your name, get to know you or remember you.

This is how I was raised.  Be as much help as humanly possible.  This is the brand I want to create.  I am not interested in up selling, I am interested in giving my customers the best service that fits their needs whatever the price ends up being.  Sometimes that means helping out without making a penny.  Then again, that person who you helped for 30 minutes or an hour for free will speak well of your business forever.  Isn't that the desired result...referrals, great brand reputation, and future business?

Be an asset to as many people as you can, and the money will come.  And if you don't make money at the very least you made the world a better place.  That is far more rewarding then any amount of money.  If anyone has any questions regarding anything to do with their home feel free to contact me.