Meet Drago, the Home Repair Expert


When purchasing or selling  a home there are many resources available to you, providing you with valuable information such as your realtor, home stager, home inspector and lawyer.  You assemble this team, and they are there to help guide you through this stressful transition.  There are many resources on the internet, and books available as well.  One overlooked resource homeowners should use is going for a walk and taking with neighbors.

As a home inspector I see and inspect many homes in a variety of neighborhoods, and all have issues unique to that particular area.  Whether in a new sub division or older neighborhood a walk can assist in telling you about common conditions of homes found in that area.

For example, if you are looking to purchase a home in a subdivision that is 10 years old, have a look at the home with similar design found in that sub division.  Take a look at the roof, foundation, gutters, and see if there are similar looking issues common to the homes in the area.  Perhaps you will discover that all the other homes in the area have new roofs, but the home you are looking at still has 3 tab shingles from the original construction.  There is a high probability you will probably need to replace the roof in the near future.

One of my favorite parts of my day is taking my dog, Drago, for a daily walk around the neighborhood.  Not only does it provide me with a chance to get outdoors, play with my son, but it also provides me with information about my home.  I have learned that there a moisture content in the soil, and that many of the homes are losing their parging, because of rising damp.  With this type of information I can prepare a plan, and know what is likely to happen.

Talking with neighbors is also extremely beneficial.  Having a conversation with someone who has lived in the neighborhood for many years might enlighten you to the problems they have experienced.  Those neighbors may also refer you to a local contractor, and show you that contractors work.

To recap, having a look at the houses around your neighborhood and taking with neighbors is not only a great way to socialize and exercise, but could also give you valuable information about your home.